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Is psychology still relevant now that we have neuroscience?

Early Daylight Saving didn't save any energy - but a lot of people liked it anyway.

Courtroom confidence, reliable witnesses, and errors. Basically, if you say you're sure of something and you're wrong, that's worse than being kinda unsure and wrong, but being unsure and right carries less weight than sure and right. Part of being a reliable witness is being able to tell how reliable you are.

"Finding the right treatment balance for people with bipolar disorder is a constant challenge; STEP-BD aims to identify the best treatment options. "Treating depression in people with bipolar disorder is notoriously difficult," said NIMH Director Thomas R. Insel. "STEP-BD sought to determine if adding an antidepressant to a mood stabilizer is effective and safe in treating depressive episodes. The results suggest that antidepressants are safe but not more effective than placebo as assessed in a large number of people with bipolar disorder.""
Tags: depression, dst, neuroscience, psychology
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